BMW Service Inclusive (BSI).

BMW Service Inclusive (BSI) ensures the smoothest ride without the need to worry about maintenance costs. Your car will always be serviced with precision by qualified professional technicians, using only genuine BMW Parts.


BMW Service Inclusive (BSI) package covers the following scheduled servicing costs (engine oil, labour and genuine BMW Parts):

  • Engine oil, oil filter and top-ups.
  • Air filter, fuel filter, micro-filter and spark plug.
  • Brake fluid.
  • Vehicle check per BMW’s standards.
  • Front and rear brake pads.
  • Front and rear brake discs.
  • Windshield wiper blades. (max. every 12 months following last replacement, if necessary.)

The privileges you receive from BMW Service Inclusive go beyond value for money; the program gives you peace of mind, assuring you that your BMW will be well taken care of in any situation. Having a BMW Service Inclusive package helps preserve the car’s value and will give you the upper hand whenever you’d like to sell it because the BMW Service Inclusive package will be transferred to the subsequent owner.

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Caution: If oil service overdue has been accumulated in total of more than 1,200 km. or one month, the warranty of engine mechanical parts will be voided.

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Now all BMW owners can choose the BMW Service Inclusive (BSI) and Warranty package that fits to your need.

Packages on offer include up to 5 years maintenance and unlimited mileage warranty*. We guarantee that every BMW will be taken care of by our professional technicians and only with BMW Original parts. 

  • Package BSI STANDARD
  • Package BSI PLUS
  • Package BSI ULTIMATE

*Maintenance up to 5 years or at 100,000km, whichever comes first. Unlimited Mileage Warranty up to 5 years.  Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, contact BMW Authorized Dealer or BMW Contact Center at 1-401-269-269




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