So connected, you’re free.

What can your BMW do for you? Get you to your destination on time? Provide answers to all your questions? Or keep you entertained at all times? The Digital Services from BMW ConnectedDrive offer you a wide range of useful features. With intelligence and innovation they make your life easier and turn every journey into an experience.

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BMW CONNECTED DRIVE.So connected, you’re free.
The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will take you onto a journey into a new era of intelligent multi-modal digital experiences.
Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Products and Services
Woman driving in BMW in nocturnal setting


Now we’re talking.


Now we’re talking.


Woman driving in BMW using Car Expert

Car Expert.

With the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, no questions go unanswered. This service provides you with the support of the ultimate car expert. Whatever you want to know about your BMW and whenever you need help, it will be there for you. You can learn even more about the features of your vehicle, and it knows everything about the overall status and service needs of your BMW.

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Woman driving in BMW using My Assistant

My Assistant.

Understanding your needs and providing the best support at all times – that’s what makes the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant so unique. All it takes is a quick ‘Hey BMW, drive home’ and it will find your way home, or a ‘Hey BMW, I am hungry’ for a restaurant recommendation – even one with the best reviews, if you like. It allows you to be productive while on the road, reading out your emails or quickly finding your favourite music.

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Woman driving in BMW in nocturnal setting

Natural Interaction.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – simply start talking to it. This is the very soul of your BMW, ready to help you at all times. To interact with the assistant, you don’t need to press a button or wait for a confirmation tone. Simply start talking as you normally would, without pausing. For example: ‘Hey BMW, who are you?’ Or perhaps you would like to give the assistant a different name? If so, say: ‘Hey BMW, change the activation word.’

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Two women driving in BMW and are using In-Car Experiences

In-Car Experiences.

Your BMW will take care of you. It invigorates you when you’re tired, relaxes you after a stressful day and adapts your vehicle’s interior to perfectly suit your mood. With In-Car Experiences, which include the Caring Car Programmes and Experiences Modes, your vehicle will make sure you feel your best.

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Woman holds BMW ConnectedDrive globe in her hands




In the best of company on your travels. Always.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re planning, whatever you need: the exceptional services of BMW ConnectedDrive give you the best possible support before and during every journey. You may be looking for the best Italian restaurant in town or an on-duty pharmacist at the weekend? Facilities like the Concierge Service are available at the touch of a button to help you with all your needs and requests. And with the BMW Connected App you can plan your next journey conveniently from home and also have remote access to important functions in your BMW.

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Woman driving in BMW in nocturnal setting

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

‘Hello, BMW. Who are you?’ Wouldn’t it be incredible if your BMW acted like your personal assistant? Communicate in a new and easy way with your vehicle using the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It knows you, learns your behaviours to improve every day and helps out whatever the situation. It can explain everything about your vehicle and help you get better acquainted with your BMW. You can even assign your own personal activation word.

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Concierge Services: BMW employee sitting at her desk wearing headset

Concierge Service.

Will it be sunny tomorrow in Rome? When is my flight and where is the best restaurant in the city? The Concierge Service is there to help when you are travelling and can support you with any request at the touch of a button – individual, personal and fast. Wherever you are, whatever you need.

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Man in BMW and woman outside the BMW using BMW Connected on smartphone

BMW Connected.

Connect with your BMW. The BMW Connected app is your digital mobility assistant, taking care of your needs before and during each journey. Access your car using your smartphone, smartwatch or Amazon Echo, send destinations to the navigation system or receive reminders for meetings to make sure you arrive there on time.

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Man and woman sitting on sofa and using Remote Services on their smartphones

Remote Services.

Did I lock my car doors? Where exactly is it parked? Remote Services allows you to access your vehicle from a distance using the BMW Connected app. Flash your headlights, activate the climate control function inside your car or lock your BMW from anywhere using your smartphone.

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Smiling woman using Remote 3D view on her smartphone

Remote 3D View.

Keep an eye on your BMW’s surroundings to rest assured that everything is fine with your car. Remote Services and Remote 3D View allow you to view the area around your vehicle from any perspective, to lock the doors or to activate the headlight flash or car horn using the BMW Connected app.

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Making every journey unique.

Every trip is different and yet you can always be confident of reaching your destination comfortably and on time. With the Connected Navigation services such as Real Time Traffic Information, you have one eye on the current traffic situation and reach your destination directly and faster. And all without any stress, because the Parking Place Assistant will tell you the best place to find a vacant parking spot. Using the Digital Charging Service, you can provide your BMW i or iPerformance model with energy cost-effectively and can be sure that it is always perfectly charged when you set off.

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Woman using Connected Navigation on smartphone

Connected Navigation.

Connected Navigation offers you an outstanding navigation experience from planning & preparing, travelling, to parking & charging. Our aim is to make your journey from A to B even more comfortable and personalized. We want you to be amazed and confident on your entire journey – on all touchpoints, when and wherever you need us.

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Man using Parking Place Assistant on display in BMW

Parking Place Assistant.

Trying to find a parking space close to your destination? It’s an easy task with the Parking Place Assistant. It suggests vacant spaces in large parking facilities or on the street and, based on your selection, finds the best route for you with the highest likelihood of an available space. You can also pay for your parking cash-free using PARK NOW.

The Parking Place Assistant is part of the continuously evolving navigation experience of Connected Navigation.

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BMW parking into a parking spot with help of PARK NOW.


We deliver the future of parking to where it belongs: in the car. PARK NOW becomes your practical companion and offers you all functions directly within the navigation system – always synchronised with the PARK NOW app. From now on, you can park without the need for any cash, ticket or stress whether at the side of the street or in a multi-storey car park. As soon as you are in a zone subject to a parking charge, you will be informed and be able to manage the entire parking operation in your navigation system.

The payment transaction via PARK NOW is part of the continuously evolving navigation experience in Connected Navigation.

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Man using Real Time Traffic Information on display in BMW

Real Time Traffic Information.

Do you find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic or wasting precious holiday time in stressful jams? Such situations can easily be avoided with Real Time Traffic Information. It monitors the current situation in almost real-time, suggesting alternative routes well in advance and bringing you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Real Time Traffic Information is part of the continuously evolving navigation experience of Connected Navigation.

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Two men in restaurant using feature „Manage your favorite Locations“ on smartphone

Manage your favorite Locations.

How about having access to your favourite cafe or gym through the BMW navigation system? Using the function “Manage your favourite locations” you have your personal points of interest with you at all times, regardless of whether you are in the vehicle, in the BMW Connected App or in the ConnectedDrive Customer Portal. You can manage them on all touchpoints, where they will then be synchronised automatically.

“Manage your favourite locations” is part of the continuously evolving navigation experience of Connected Navigation.

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Woman using feature “Share Locations from another App” at home on her smartphone

Share location from other apps.

How about a direct connection between your preferred map app and your BMW? The function “Share location from other apps” makes this possible. This enables you to transfer locations from map apps that support the share function directly to your BMW. After the transfer, the address is also available for later use in the BMW Connected App on your smartphone.

“Share location from other apps” is part of the continuously evolving navigation experience of Connected Navigation.

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Woman on the move using “Time to Leave Notification“ auf smartwatch

Time to Leave Notification.

Always arrive on time for your next appointment. The ‘time to leave’ notification on the BMW Connected app reminds you in advance when to set off, communicating with your smartphone or smartwatch. Real-time traffic information helps to calculate the optimal departure time to ensure that you reach your destination on time.

The ‘time to leave’ notification is part of the continuously evolving navigation experience of Connected Navigation.

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Woman sits in front of window and uses Share Live Trip Status on smartphone

Share Live Trip Status.

Share Live Trip Status saves your family having to ask when you will arrive at home. You can inform selected contacts about your exact position, destination and arrival time directly from the car or using the BMW Connected app. Recipients can follow information about your journey in real-time.

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Navigate Door-to-Door.

Arrive on time and without stress. Navigate Door-to-Door takes you the final short distance from your car to your destination and back. Receive rapid access to the pedestrian navigation service on your smartphone with the support of information from your Connected Onboard screen and push notifications from the BMW Connected app.

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Send to Car.

Where to next? Search for new destinations using the BMW Connected app and send them directly to your BMW’s navigation system. Once you are in the car and it has established a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, you can launch route guidance with a single tap.

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Digital Charging Service.

The Digital Charging Service is fully automatic and allows you to charge your BMW i or BMW iPerformance vehicle at the best and most affordable time. You can rest assured that your car will be fully charged in time for your next trip. Simply enter your departure time and electricity tariff, and the Digital Charging Service will take care of the rest.

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Map Update.

BMW is the first automobile manufacturer to offer three possible Navigation map update processes: USB Full Map update via dealer or ConnectedDrive Store and automatic "Over-The-Air" update via the permanently installed SIM card up to four times per year (for the preselected region). The “Over-The-Air” update incurs neither license fees nor transmission costs. The navigation system is always equipped with up-to-date maps.

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Because your BMW is more than just a vehicle.

Inside your BMW you can concentrate fully on your journey because everything else is taken care of. The Digital Key on your smartphone gives you easy access to your vehicle while the Remote Software Upgrade „Over-The-Air” ensures that the software in your BMW is always up to date so that you can save yourself a trip to the dealer. And if an accident should occur, the Intelligent Emergency Call will automatically summon help and give important information on passengers and vehicle to the first-aid personnel.

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Man driving in BMW using Caring Car

Caring Car.

Want to arrive with fresh energy, or relax when stressed? With Caring Car, your BMW will look after you. If you say, ‘Hey, BMW. I’m tired,’ or ‘Hey, BMW. I’m feeling stressed,’ the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will activate the Vitalize or Relax Caring Car Programme, appealing to all of your senses through the interplay of various interior car functions for the duration of the programme.

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Man sitting in the back seat of a BMW using Experience Modes on his smartphone

Experience Modes.

Do you value understated luxury, or like to enjoy your privacy? With the four Experience Modes – Executive, Expressive, Private and Well-Being – you can immerse your senses in a perfectly orchestrated car interior to match your mood.

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Automate My Habits on BMW display

Automate My Habits.

Do you always turn on the seat heating at setting three when it’s cold? Automate My Habits is an intelligent feature that learns and automates your preferred settings on request. You can then enjoy the journey while your BMW takes care of your well-being. More automation options will be added in the future.

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Connected Command: Three people in BMW playing music while making a trip

Connected Command.

Would you like to concentrate fully on the road ahead? Then hand over some of the control to your passengers. This is easy with Connected Command. Using the BMW Connected app, passengers with your authorization can access the entertainment and navigation systems. They can also adjust key features of the climate control system.

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Woman enjoys coffee at home while Remote Software Upgrade is running on smartphone

Remote Software Upgrade.

Do you want your BMW to be up to date with the latest software? With Remote Software Upgrade, your BMW will be like new. Convenient, reliable and stress-free – without having to visit your BMW service partner. Upgrades are installed over-the-air, just as they are for your smartphone.

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Man using Wi-Fi Hotspot in BMW

Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Take part in video conference calls on your tablet or stream the final episode of your favourite series on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi Hotspot is a way to go online with LTE speed (if available) using the SIM card installed in your vehicle. You and your fellow passengers can surf the Web on up to ten devices.

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Intelligent Emergency Call button on the ceiling of BMW

Intelligent Emergency Call.

If there is an accident, it is essential to act fast. Intelligent Emergency Call fetches help and can even save lives if the worst should happen. It contacts specially trained call centre agents who offer support to you and your passengers until the emergency services arrive. It also sends them important information directly.

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BMW CarData: Illuminated City highway and big city at night

BMW CarData.

With BMW CarData you can view the key vehicle data for your BMW whenever you want and share them with third parties if required. And you alone decide who you can entrust your data to. This allows you to maintain control of your telematics data at all times and benefit from sharing data with third parties to use tailor-made service packages that were not previously accessible.

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Man sitting on sofa and using My Car Is Born on smartphone

My Car Is Born.

Involved from the start. My Car Is Born allows you to experience the progress in production of your new BMW at first hand. Accompany your vehicle from order to handover via BMW Connected and receive fascinating insights and useful information directly on your smartphone.

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Woman sitting in front of her BMW and uses Service & Breakdown Assistance

Service & Roadside Assistance.

With the service features in the Connected App, you can easily manage your BMW’s service and maintenance requirements. Receive convenient push notifications when your car requires servicing and schedule an appointment with your preferred BMW Partner directly via the app. In the event of a breakdown, the app will put you straight through to BMW Roadside Assistance and forward your current location and vehicle data for the best support possible.

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No sacrifices necessary. Receive everything.

Why make compromises when on the road? Enjoy the digital lifestyle you are used to in your BMW as well. Transform your vehicle into a mobile office with Microsoft Office 365. Take part in Skype for Business Meetings, dictate your e-mails and manage your appointments. With Apple CarPlay® you have access to the key functions of your iPhone during the journey and, if you’re looking for more entertainment, Connected Music with more than 30 million songs from Deezer or Napster supplies you with the best music en route.

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Apple CarPlay® showing on BMW display

Apple CarPlay®.

Why go without the features of your iPhone in your BMW when you can continue operating it as usual? The preparation for Apple CarPlay® gives you remote access to telephony as well as apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, TuneIn, Spotify and Apple Music. You can also use the voice button on the steering wheel to access Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.


The term is one year.

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Connected Music showing on BMW display

Connected Music.

Listen to your favourite music wherever you are. Classical on the motorway, jazz during rush hour and pop when you’re cruising. With Connected Music, you can directly stream as many as 30 million songs without any limits courtesy of BMW’s music partners, Deezer and Napster, using the SIM card installed in your vehicle.

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Man using Microsoft Office 365 on display in BMW

Microsoft Office 365.

Work in your car as if you were in your office with Microsoft Office 365. Dictate emails, take part in Skype for Business meetings, access your contacts and coordinate appointments in your calendar – all through your smartphone. Your existing Microsoft Office 365 Business account makes you just as productive on the road as behind the desk.

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Online Logbook showing on BMW display

Control my Home.

With Control My Home, you can make sure from behind the wheel that the lights are on in your living room, that your favourite song is playing and the heating is set to just the right temperature. Use Connected Onboard as an easy way to control your smart home appliances with our partner, SmartThings.

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Online Logbook.

The BMW Online Logbook saves and documents any journey you make. You will find the logbook in the vehicle and in your BMW ConnectedDrive Customer Portal. All journey parameters are entered directly in the vehicle via iDrive. For each journey, the starting and finishing positions (GPS), the date and the kilometre readings are automatically recorded. A certified report containing all the information can be prepared for submission to the tax authorities.

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BMW Software Update

BMW Software Update via USB.

Systems for smartphones, music players and tablets are developing all the time. This is why BMW Software Update ensures that your applications and your BMW always keep pace with the latest advances. That way you can use mobile devices in your vehicle at any given time.