Annual Tax Renewal

Annual Vehicle Tax Renewal

For your convenience, BMW Financial Services will keep you updated by sending notifications via postal mail and phone calls 60 days, and SMS alert 15 days prior to the annual tax renewal deadline.

  • How to renew annual vehicle tax

    1. BMW will send letter of notification and make a call 60 days in advance to notify customer of vehicle tax renewal fee payment.

    2. SMS alert will be sent 15 days prior to the due date and on the due date. Customer should make a payment and submit required documents to BMW Registration Team at least 15 days before the due date.

    3. After BMW proceeds with the tax renewal process at the Department of Land Transport, vehicle tax sticker will be sent to customer by post.

    4. Please submit the documents to (BMW Registration Team) BMW Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 44th-45th & 50th -51st floor, 87/2, CRC Tower, All Seasons Place, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330.

  • Required documents for Annual Vehicle Tax Renewal

    1. A copy of tear-off slip (at the bottom) of the compulsory motor insurance (If customers renew the compulsory motor insurance on their own)

    2. Annual Vehicle Inspection Certificate for vehicle using NGV (Original must be sent to BMW Leasing)

    3. Annual Vehicle Inspection Certificate for vehicle using LPG (Original must be sent to BMW Leasing)

    4. Original Car Inspection Certificate / Tor.Ror.Or. (For cars aged more than 7 years and motorcycles aged more than 5 years)



    *If payment is overdue or required documents are not submitted in time, which lead to failures of tax renewal, customers will be charged a 1% per month for late payment (a fraction of one month to be charged for one month).

    *Payment for tax renewal fee can be made 90 days prior to the due date.

    *If vehicle tax has not been renewed for more than one year, customers need to have their vehicle inspected and submit the inspection certificate to BMW Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    * If vehicle tax has not been renewed for more than three years, vehicle registration will be terminated by the Department of Land Transport.

    *Vehicle tax renewal fee is 450 Baht.

    *A copy of the motor insurance can be sent via fax to 02-3056202.

    *Please note that all documents must not be whited out with correction fluid or printed with thermal fax paper/ used paper.

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