BMW Teleservice Emergency and Accident Call.

คุณสามารถวางใจในรถบีเอ็มดับเบิลยูของคุณ ในกรณีที่เกิดอุบัติเหตุหนัก ระบบเซ็นเซอร์การชนจะส่งสัญญาณแจ้งตำแหน่งพิกัดรถและอาการบาดเจ็บที่อาจจะเกิดขึ้นโดยประเมินจากความเสียหายของตัวรถ รวมถึงข้อมูลอื่นๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้องไปยัง BMW Call Center โดยอัตโนมัติ จากนั้นข้อมูลต่างๆ จะถูกส่งต่อไปยังหน่วยกู้ภัยเพื่อให้การช่วยเหลือเป็นไปอย่างทันท่วงที ส่วนในกรณีที่คุณต้องการแจ้งเหตุด้วยตนเองก็สามารถทำได้เพียงแค่กดปุ่มแจ้งเหตุ SOS



If an airbag is deployed, Intelligent Emergency Call automatically contacts – according to locally available mobile services – the BMW Call Centre via an accident-proof telephone unit permanently installed in your vehicle. Independently of your own mobile phone, both at home and abroad. Specially trained personnel will then establish contact with you, inform the emergency services and give you support by telephone – in your mother tongue if possible.

Intelligent Emergency Call.

Experience the film on this equipment option.


To enable rescue services to promptly prepare the required care for those involved in the accident, a data transfer is performed and includes the precise position of the vehicle to the nearest metre in addition to other data relevant for the rescue services, such as risk of injury, number of passengers, model and colour of the vehicle. The emergency call can also be triggered manually, such as if you need to summon assistance for other road users.

  • Requirements/availability


    • only in combination with the Navigation system Professional, Navigation system Business, Radio Professional
    • Based on the new EU directive some vehicles are equipped with the mandatory EU E-Call. For information on availability and function please refer to your operating instructions.


Faster, simpler, more convenient: The innovative BMW Accident Call offers professional support for accidents at low speed. Sensors allow your BMW to detect accidents in the lower range of speeds, automatically display a warning notice in the iDrive monitor and offer the driver a direct connection with BMW Accident Assistance. One click with the iDrive Controller connects the driver directly with the specialists at BMW Accident Assistance, who then provide professional support with the aid of information relevant to the accident transmitted by the vehicle.  

  • The benefits at a glance
    • Automatic accident detection
    • One click to get assistance
    • Automatic location transmission
    • Immediate support from BMW
    • Free towing service
    • Appointment with an authorised/approved BMW Service Partner
  • Requirements
    • SA6AE, SA6AK, SA6AC with SOP 07/2017. Option can be different by market & vehicle level.
    • Not every accident is automatically detected due to technical reasons. In such exceptional cases, BMW Accident Call can be manually activated.
    • Availability may vary depending on the model, please refer to the instructions in your operating instructions.