The driving dynamics of the BMW M4 Coupé.

431 hp are at your command. And when the M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder petrol engine accelerates to the limit in next to no time, you immediately realise just what the BMW M4 Coupé is capable of. The boost stays finely adjustable even in the highest rev ranges. Adapted motor sport technologies like the Active M differential bring the power of the M drive train to the street and ensure maximum safety and controllability in any situation.

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TURNS EVERY BEND INTO A HOME STRAIGHT.The driving dynamics of the BMW M4 Coupé.


Pure motorsport sensation: With the Competition package, you transfer even more dynamics and agility to the street – thanks to enhanced engine output, specially attuned Adaptive M suspension, newly adapted Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), the Active M Differential and 20'' M light alloy wheels with mixed tyres. The modifications to the suspension include new springs, dampers and stabilisers as well as adapted Comfort, Sport and Sport+ driving modes.


The power of the M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder petrol engine is boosted to 331 kW/450 hp. The M sports exhaust generates an extremely powerful and distinctive engine sound - with goosebumps guaranteed. The M lightweight sport seats are fitted with a width-adjustable backrest with vertical perforations. The front seatbelts have subtle M stripes. For the exterior, just one of the many impressive features are the exclusive forged and gloss-lathed 20'' M light alloy wheels Star-spoke 666 M with mixed tyres. These wheels have also been optimised with regard to rigidity. The sporty character is further emphasised by the BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line with extended contents, which extends from the front ornamental grille across the gill elements to the model designation in high-gloss Black, culminating powerfully in the Black Chrome tailpipes.


The Active M Differential optimises traction and driving stability when changing lanes or accelerating out of curves, when taking curves at high speed or on roads with uneven surface texture. Traction is optimised via an electronically controlled device that reduces the difference in revolution speed between the rear wheels.


Discover the design and dynamics of the BMW M4 Coupé.


Launch Control lets an engine that has reached operating temperature achieve maximum acceleration from a standing start. Just deactivate Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), choose the sequential mode with driving program 3, firmly hold down the brake and press the accelerator pedal to kickdown. After the starting-flag symbol in the instrument cluster display is illuminated, the engine will be set to its ideal starting speed when pushing down the accelerator pedal. While maintaining kickdown, release the brake and the vehicle will then accelerate to the maximum until the accelerator is released. The M dual-clutch transmission constantly sets the gearshift points so that when shifting up, the next optimal engine speed is available. This is a feature which is destined to delight drivers with dynamic, sporty ambitions.


BMW EfficientLightweight has the highest priority with M vehicles. That is because low weight is the basis for outstanding driving dynamics and exemplary efficiency. BMW M has consistently applied this insight to vehicle construction – and has been continually refining it. Our engineers constantly ask themselves: Where does it make sense to reduce weight and where does it not? The result: BMW EfficientLightweight.
This involves the use of ultra lightweight materials such as CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic), magnesium or aluminium in targeted areas of the car. For example, the single-piece CFRP drive shaft minimises rotating mass and a CFRP precision strut brace provides significantly higher rigidity than aluminium but with a lower weight. In the front bonnet, light materials in the front side walls, crossmembers and steering wheel frame also reduce weight.
All of this reduces vehicle mass and lowers the car's centre of gravity while maintaining the highest safety standards, achieving greater agility and dynamics in curves and improving acceleration and braking.


Constant adjustment to road conditions and driving style.

The Adaptive M suspension's electronically controlled shock absorbers constantly adjust to road conditions as well as driving style within milliseconds, guaranteeing optimal road contact in every situation, the best possible traction and even more agile handling. The suspension settings can be adjusted from comfortable to sporty-dynamic via the Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes.

Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes.

Comfort mode ensures comfortable handling during everyday driving, and also increases safety in case sudden swerving is necessary. In Sport mode, ample comfort is maintained, but dampening is reduced and contact with the road is more direct – ideal for country roads and uneven racecourses. Sport+ mode offers minimal dampening and maximum driving dynamics on level roads and racetracks.


One decisive factor for a highly dynamic driving experience in the BMW M4 Coupé are the brake systems.With their unbeatable precision, the M Carbon Ceramic Brake System and the M compound brakes ensure unrivalled dynamics and performance.

  • M Carbon Ceramic Brake System

    The M Carbon ceramic brake delivers braking power more directly. It is non-corrosive, very resistant to abrasion, tolerates more heat and contributes to a lower vehicle weight, which has a positive impact on agility, dynamics and acceleration. Matt Gold-coloured brake callipers with the M logo make this special technical equipment visible from outside the car. Due to the material-specific characteristics, situation- and use-dependent functional noises may occur, particularly on wet surfaces shortly before the vehicle comes to a standstill.

  • M compound brakes

    Through the use of various materials, M compound brakes achieve outstanding deceleration values and high stability as well as a long lifespan. They also weigh less, which has a positive impact on agility, dynamics and acceleration. The brake callipers in blue metallic with the M logo are the hallmark of high-performance compound brakes.


M Servotronic adjusts the power steering to suit the current speed and ensures a direct and precise steering response even at high speeds. It also ensures supreme comfort by minimizing the physical effort required for steering, as well as maximizing agility when parking, manoeuvring or navigating narrow or twisting roads.


Quick gear change without interruption in tractive force.

The M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic is an innovative 7-gear dual-clutch transmission that is specially designed for the BMW M high-rev engine. The system boasts a traction-optimised automatic gear selection, Launch Control, Low Speed Assistance, as well as Automatic Start/Stop function. It makes it possible to change gears extremely quickly without an interruption in tractive force. Two sub-transmissions, each with its own clutch, continuously relay the power of the engine to the rear wheels. The system can be controlled automatically, or manually using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, or via the gear lever. Just as with Launch Control, which allows maximum acceleration from a standing start, an extremely dynamic driving experience is the result: Shifting gears at high speed is possible without using the clutch and without any interruption in the transmission of power. Drivelogic can be automatically (D mode) or manually (S mode) controlled, and in each mode three shifting options are available – from extremely sporty to comfortable to efficient.

  • *Dependent on conditions and usage, features specifics to the materials used can lead to operational noises particularly in wet conditions just before the vehicle comes to a halt. The impact of moisture and road salt can cause the braking action to be equivalent to a conventional brake system. This can for a short time be experienced as a reduction in braking action and can be balanced out by greater pressure on the pedal where necessary.

  • * Some images are for advertisement. The appearance and equipment may differ from the actual vehicle. Please contact your nearest BMW authorized dealer for more information.