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BMW Service Apprentice Program

BMW Group Thailand continues its support to develop Thai vocational students’ skills through the 5th edition of the BMW Service Apprentice Program

BMW Group Thailand, led by Mr. César Badilla, Director Aftersales, is continuing the BMW Service Apprentice Program for the 5th consecutive year as it pursues its mission of fostering the capabilities of technical personnel in the automotive industry under the dual education system. Nineteen vocational students from Kanchanapisek Mahanakorn Technical College, Chumphae Technical College, and Bangkaewfa Industrial and Community Education College were presented with certificates in a ceremony at the BMW Group Thailand Training Center, following the conclusion of their automotive technology and innovation training. Certified students will go on to work at BMW authorized dealers in Thailand. The initiative reaffirms BMW Group Thailand’s commitment to the advancement of the Thai vocational education system.
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The All-New BMW X3 Launch

BMW Group Thailand paves the way to Motor Expo 2017 with forward-looking, cutting-edge new arrivals – led by the powerful but efficient performance of the All-New BMW X3

BMW Group Thailand is revving up for the Thailand International Motor Expo 2017 – the 34th edition of the annual event and taking place from November 30 to December 11, 2017 – with a parade of strikingly innovative vehicles. The new lineup includes the All-New BMW X3 xDrive20d xLine, the third-generation model ready to take on all challenges; a perfect concoction of luxurious comfort and functionality in the All-New BMW 630d GT M Sport; the latest members of BMW’s plug-in hybrid range, the BMW 530e M Sport, BMW 530e Luxury, and BMW 330e (Iconic); the captivating performance in the BMW M760Li xDrive and another M equipped package of the BMW 320d GT M Sport.
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BMW Golf Cup National Final 2017

3 national winners of BMW Golf Cup International National Final 2017 to represent Thailand at the BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2017 in March 2018 in South Africa

The BMW Golf Cup International National Final 2017 was recently held at the Banyan Golf Club in Hua Hin. With over 2,800 contending golfers, three national winners have been selected to represent Thailand at the BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2017 at Fancourt Golf Resort, South Africa in March 2018.
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BMW Sponsorship in Princess Cup 2017

BMW Group Thailand sponsors ‘Princess Cup Thailand 2017’

BMW Group Thailand, led by Mr. Stefan Teuchert (Center), President, partnered with the Thailand Equestrian Federation in support of ‘Princess Cup Thailand 2017’, an equestrian sports competition held at the Royal Stable Unit Bangkok to prepare Thai athletes for upcoming national and international championships.
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BMW and MINI Motor Expo 2017

BMW Group Thailand dazzles the Motor Expo 2017 with a lineup of avant-garde innovations reinforcing its leadership in the premium automobile industry – led by the All-New BMW X3

BMW Group Thailand reinforces the sheer driving pleasure for Thai fans with a lineup of new arrivals and special offers from BMW and MINI in the Thailand International Motor Expo 2017 – the 34th edition of the annual event and taking place from November 30 to December 11, 2017 at Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.
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Barcelona Motor Bangkhae

BMW Thailand teams up with Barcelona Motor in bringing a premium automotive experience to the Thonburi area with the grand opening of Barcelona Motor Bang Khae

Barcelona Motor, an authorized BMW dealer, has unveiled Barcelona Motor Bang Khae, offering premium mobility experiences to customers in the Thonburi neighborhood through a state-of-the-art showroom and modern one-stop service center on an area of more than 5 rai.
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BMW Service Apprentice Program

BMW Group Thailand and Don Bosco Technological College join up to enhance Thai vocational skills through the ‘BMW Service Apprentice Program’

BMW Group Thailand – led by Mr. Stefan Teuchert, President – and Don Bosco Technological College – led by Reverend Father Manachai Tharachai, Rector – recently announced their partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the “BMW Service Apprentice Program”. The partnership will help foster the potential of vocational students in achieving automotive skills and knowledge of an international standard. The MoU was signed by the representatives from both organizations, and witnessed by the school faculty and students at Don Bosco Technological College.
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BMW Xpo 2017

BMW Xpo 2017 set the stage for the new BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition and innovative premium mobility in new BMW 7 Series arrivals

BMW Group Thailand is set to bring an alluring mix of motorsport performance and exquisite luxury to the halls of Central World for the BMW Xpo 2017 from 7 to 10 September 2017. Leading the line in this latest annual showcase of premium automotive technology is the limited-edition, motorsports-inspired BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition, the BMW i8 (Protonic Frozen Black edition), the BMW 730Ld Pure Excellence and the BMW 740Le xDrive Pure Excellence – the latter of which is available in a locally-assembled version for the first time.
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BMW M Fan Day

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ประเทศไทย จัดงานรวมพลคนรัก “M” เตรียมยกทัพสุดยอด ยานยนต์เปี่ยมสมรรถนะจากทุกยุค ที่งาน BMW XPO 2017

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู กรุ๊ป ประเทศไทย เตรียมจัดงาน M Fan Day รวมพลคนรักรถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยูในตระกูล M ตำนานแห่งโลกยานยนต์ที่เปี่ยมด้วยสมรรถนะ ในวันเสาร์ที่ 9 กันยายนนี้ เวลา 16.00-20.00 น. ณ ลาน Square A ศูนย์การค้าเซ็นทรัลเวิลด์ เพื่อเชิญชวนแฟน ๆ มารวมพลังเพื่อฉลองครบรอบ 45 ปีของบีเอ็มดับเบิลยู M ที่แฟน ๆ บีเอ็มดับเบิลยูพลาดไม่ได้ พบกับรถยนต์ตระกูล M หลากหลายรุ่นจากอดีตจนถึงปัจจุบันกว่า 54 คัน จากแฟนพันธุ์แท้ของบีเอ็มดับเบิลยูทั่วประเทศ มาร่วมแปรอักษรสัญลักษณ์ แสดงพลังแห่ง M ตัวอักษรที่ทรงพลังที่สุดในโลกยานยนต์ พร้อมกิจกรรมมันส์ ๆ อีกมากมาย
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BMW Nelson's Autohaus in Rayong

BMW Thailand and Nelson’s Autohaus bring premium automotive experience to strategic eastern economic province with grand opening of BMW Studio Nelson’s Autohaus in Rayong

Nelson’s Autohaus, an authorized BMW dealer, has unveiled BMW Studio Nelson’s Autohaus at Central Plaza Rayong to expand its potential reach in the Thai luxury car market while also extending premium mobility experiences to customers in the eastern region.
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BMW M Fan Day Attendees

คนรัก M รับคำเชิญบีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ประเทศไทย รวมพลโชว์พลังรถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยูในตระกูล M จากทุกยุค ในงาน BMW Xpo 2017

เพื่อฉลองครบรอบ 45 ปีของบีเอ็มดับเบิลยู M สุดยอดยานยนต์เปี่ยมสมรรถนะ บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ประเทศไทย รวมพลคนรักรถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยูในตระกูล M ในงาน M Fan Day พร้อมร่วมแปรอักษรสัญลักษณ์ M ตัวอักษรที่ทรงพลังที่สุดในโลกยานยนต์ ด้วยรถยนต์ตระกูล M หลากหลายรุ่นจากอดีตจนถึงปัจจุบันกว่า 54 คัน ไม่ว่าจะเป็น BMW M3 GTS, BMW M2, BMW M6 Competition เป็นต้น ภายในงาน BMW Xpo 2017 ที่ผ่านมา ณ ลาน Square A ศูนย์การค้าเซ็นทรัลเวิลด์
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AUGUST 2017.


ChargeNow: นวัตกรรมการชาร์จรถยนต์ไฟฟ้าและรถยนต์ปลั๊กอิน ไฮบริดเชิงพาณิชย์ครั้งแรกของประเทศไทย ร่วมด้วยกลุ่มพันธมิตรผู้ร่วมริเริ่มการปฏิวัติวงการเทคโนโลยีรถยนต์ไฟฟ้า

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู กรุ๊ป ประเทศไทย ร่วมด้วยบริษัท โพลีเทคโนโลยี จำกัด Greenlots เซ็นทรัลกรุ๊ป และบริษัท เอพี (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด (มหาชน) ร่วมลงนามบันทึกข้อตกลงครั้งประวัติการณ์ เพื่อสานต่อความมุ่งมั่นในการขับเคลื่อนการพัฒนาและการรับรถยนต์ไฟฟ้ามาใช้ในประเทศไทย ข้อตกลงดังกล่าวนำไปสู่การเปิดตัว ChargeNow เครือข่ายสถานีชาร์จไฟฟ้าสาธารณะสำหรับรถยนต์ไฟฟ้าและรถยนต์ปลั๊กอิน ไฮบริด ไม่ว่าจะเป็นยี่ห้อใดหรือรุ่นใด ที่ใหญ่ที่สุดในโลก โดยมีแผนที่จะเปิดให้บริการสถานีชาร์จไฟฟ้า 50 สถานีทั่วประเทศ ในระยะแรกของการเตรียมวางเครือข่าย
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BMW MINI Service &New BMW 520d Sport

BMW Group Thailand offers customers unprecedented flexibility with launch of the new BMW 520d Sport and the new BMW and MINI service inclusive packages for customers’ own selection

BMW Group Thailand is continuing its mission to offer customers the future of mobility on their terms with the launch of a locally-assembled diesel variant of the new BMW 5 Series in the BMW 520d Sport and major revision to its BMW and MINI Service Inclusive program with flexible options to meet the customer’s individual needs.
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Unlock G310 R Experience

BMW Motorrad Thailand invites fans to win BMW G 310 R in “Unlock G310 R Experience” campaign

BMW Motorrad Thailand invites fans to take on a challenging secret code in the “Unlock G 310 R Experience” campaign to win a BMW G 310 R. BMW fans and big bike lovers can check out daily clues via the BMW Motorrad Thailand Facebook page and the Unlock G 310 R Experience glass box at Parc Paragon at 3:10 PM on each day until 19th August 2017. 10 lucky fans who get the code right will have a chance to join the final round on 21st August, 2017 to unlock the final digit and determine the winner of BMW G 310 R.
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BMW Care4Water

BMW Group Thailand provides Water Filters to communities in Rayong Province under Care4Water Campaign

After introducing the Care4Water campaign in Thailand last year with the aim to provide access to clean water to people in need, BMW Group Thailand, in collaboration with its authorized dealers, already delivered 1,930 water filter solutions and shared knowledge on water management to 193,000 Thai people in 25 communities nationwide.
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JULY 2017.

Winner BMW 118i M Sport

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ประเทศไทย เผยโฉมหน้าผู้โชคดีรับรางวัลรถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู 118i M Sport จากโปรแกรม The Ultimate JOY Experience

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ประเทศไทย นำโดย มร. ลาร์ส นีลเซ่น ผู้อำนวยการฝ่ายขายและการตลาด ร่วมด้วย คุณเศรษฐิพงศ์ อนุตรโสตถิ ผู้จัดการทั่วไปฝ่ายการตลาด ร่วมเฉลิมฉลองการส่งมอบของรางวัลสุดพิเศษ รถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู 118i M Sport มูลค่า 1,999,000 บาท ให้แก่ คุณภูมิ หิรัญสมบูรณ์ (ขวา) ผู้โชคดีจากการจับรางวัลภายใต้โปรแกรม “The Ultimate JOY Experience” ณ อาคารออลซีซั่น เพลส เมื่อเร็วๆ นี้
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BMW Berlin Marathon Tip Talk

From the road to the race with BMW’s Ultimate JOY Experience program

BMW Thailand recently organised an exclusive workshop for lucky BMW customers at Rev Runnr, Central Pinklao. The event was joined by Sathaworn “Khru Din” Chanpongsri , a former national marathon runner, and Khun Plai Samutvanich, a participant in the BMW Berlin Marathon for two years, who shared their marathon experiences and tips for quality long-distance running. The activity is part of the Ultimate JOY Experience program, a privileged customer campaign for BMW owners who can enjoy unrivalled experiences from BMW.
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BMW i3 Handover to TAI

BMW Group Thailand reinforces its innovatory leadership in electric vehicle technology Delivery of BMW i3 (94 Ah) to Thailand Automotive Institute

BMW Group Thailand has reinforced its leadership in electric vehicle (EV) technology with the delivery of BMW i3 (94Ah) to the Thailand Automotive Institute, in support of national electric vehicle technological development. The delivery sealed the partnership between BMW Group Thailand and Thailand Automotive Institute under the ‘Technology and Innovation Learning Centre for Electric Vehicle Industry Development’ project and marks another milestone in sustainable mobility in Thailand.
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The New BMW 4 Series

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู กรุ๊ป ประเทศไทยเผยโฉมรถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ซีรีส์ 4 รุ่นปรับโฉมใหม่

บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู กรุ๊ป ประเทศไทย เปิดตัวรถยนต์บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู ซีรีส์ 4 รุ่นปรับโฉมใหม่ นำโดย บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู 430i คูเป้ Luxury, บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู 430i คูเป้ M Sport, บีเอ็มดับเบิลยู 430i คอนเวอร์ทิเบิล Luxury, และบีเอ็มดับเบิลยู 430i คอนเวอร์ทิเบิล M Sport และบีเอ็มดับเบิลยู M4 คูเป้ ครบครันทั้งด้านสุนทรียภาพแห่งการออกแบบและสมรรถนะอันปราดเปรียว และยังมาพร้อมดีไซน์ที่โฉบเฉี่ยวและระบบกันสะเทือนที่ยอดเยี่ยมยิ่งขึ้น ผสานประสิทธิภาพการขับขี่และความหรูหราสง่างามไว้ได้อย่างลงตัว ขณะที่ยังคงความเป็นเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะตัวของแต่ละรุ่น
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JUNE 2017.

The Ultimate Joy Lucky Draw

BMW Thailand is getting ready to present BMW 118i M Sport to BMW customer in “The Ultimate JOY Experience” program

BMW Thailand – led by Mr. Sethipong Anutarasoti (left), General Manager Marketing – held a special lucky draw to pick the winning BMW customer who receives BMW 118i M Sport valued at 1,999,000 baht, from “The Ultimate JOY Experience”
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Grand Prix Golf Club membership

Grandprix Golf Club grants lifetime membership to the winners of BMW Golf Cup International 2016 from Thailand team

Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow (center), Chief Executive Officer of Grand Prix International PCL and Grandprix Golf Club, together with Khun Jaturon Komolmitr (far left), Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prix International PCL, granted an honorary lifetime membership of the Grandprix Golf Club, located in Bo Ploi district, Kanchanaburi province to the winning Thailand team of BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2016
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BMW Motorrad Thailand Press Conference

BMW Motorrad Thailand unveils BMW R nineT Urban G/S and the announcement of GS Trophy Southeast Asia Qualifier 2017

BMW Motorrad Thailand has unveiled the BMW R nineT Urban G/S, a roadster bike that combines classic motorcycle design with modern technology and sophisticated craftsmanship, in an exclusive launch event held at the House on Sathorn, W Hotel Bangkok. The event also saw the announcement of GS Trophy Southeast Asia Qualifier 2017, a competition that will seek out top enduro riders from all over Southeast Asia to challenge for victory in the International GS Trophy 2018 in Mongolia.
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MAY 2017.

BMW Golf Cup International 2017

BMW Thailand holds BMW Golf Cup International Qualifying 2017 to seek out top amateur golfers for national finals

BMW Thailand – led by Mr. Stefan Teuchert (3rd from left), President – recently held the qualifying round of the BMW Golf Cup International 2017 tournament at Nikanti Golf Club, Nakhon Pathom province. This qualification round will see 120 amateur golfers out of 2,400 participants nationwide progress to the national finals, which will conclude with the selection of three winning players to represent Thailand at the World Final round.
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BMW Park Hyatt Handover

BMW Thailand and Park Hyatt Bangkok unveiled premium limousine services by BMW 7 Series and BMW X5

BMW Thailand recently celebrated the delivery of BMW 730Ld M Sport and BMW X5 xDrive40e M Sport limousines to Park Hyatt Bangkok via the Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited, best-in-class premium limousine services to offer hotel guests and further reinforce the hotel’s reputation as world-class accommodation provider and the leader in hospitality innovation.
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MARCH 2017.

BMW Ready for Holiday Lucky Draw

BMW Group Thailand presents 100 prizes to BMW and MINI customers in “2016 Ready for Holiday” campaign

BMW Group Thailand – led by Mr. César Badilla (center), Director Aftersales – held a special lucky draw to determine winning BMW and MINI customers from the “2016 Ready for Holiday” campaign, which saw lucky customers receive a total of 100 prizes, including Shell fuel cards valued at 10,000 baht and vouchers for a stay at the Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa.
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BMW Rayong presents survival packs

BMW Group Manufacturing Thailand provides survival packs for flood victims in southern region

BMW Group Manufacturing Thailand, in the occasion of entering to the 17th year of business operation, led by Mr. Jeffrey Gaudiano (5th left), Managing Director and CEO, together with 900 staff, put together 999 survival packs presented to Mrs. Kanuengnij Tayayut (6th left), Head of Policy Planning, Industrial Office of Rayong, to further deliver to flood victims in the southern provinces.
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BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2016

Team Thailand wins the World Final of the BMW Golf Cup International for the first time in history.

Three winners from Team Thailand; Khun Panadda Ariyasajjakul (2nd left), Khun Krisnan Viravan (center), and Khun Kriangkrai Klomrit (4th left) defeat teams from 40 other nations, at the largest amateur golf tournament, the BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2016
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BMW and Mini Motor Show 2017

BMW Group Thailand brings a full range of the latest automobile innovations with iPerformance and M Performance technology to the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show

To reinforce innovation and technological leadership in the premium automobile segment, while celebrating the 15 victories from “Car & Bike of the Year 2017” awards across its three brands; BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad. BMW Group Thailand brings a full range of the latest BMW and MINI vehicles and promotional offers to the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show, held at Challenger Hall, Impact Muangthong Thani, from March 29 – April 9, 2017.
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BMW Motorrad Motor Show 2017

BMW Motorrad brings state-of-the-art motorbikes to 38th Bangkok International Motor Show

BMW Motorrad Thailand is ready to showcase its full range of BMW motorcycles, including the 3 winning models from the Car & Bike of the Year 2017, along with 6 new models and exclusive promotional offers in the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show at Challenge Hall, IMPACT Muangthong Thani from March 29 to April 6, 2017.
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BMW Annual Press Conference 2017


Bangkok. BMW Group Thailand has begun the new year with the best-ever start to the year with 745 BMW and MINI car deliveries, achieving an impressive +22% growth year-on-year. For BMW Motorrad Thailand, the growth of +22% in January 2017 compared to the same month last year lifted the total deliveries over 3 digits for the first time in January to deliver 110 motorcycles, a new record high after its achievement as the third fastest growing market for BMW Motorrad worldwide in 2016. Meanwhile, the BMW Group worldwide achieved the best-ever start to the year with January figures showing increased deliveries in all world regions.
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BMW Golf Cup International Qualifying 2017


Bangkok. BMW Thailand is now accepting applications from amateur golfers to take part in the BMW Golf Cup International Qualifying 2017 – a competition that will seek out top players from all over Thailand over the course of 20 qualification rounds from February to May 2017. The three winning players will advance to the World Final round to represent Thailand on the global stage.
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BMW JOY Experience Annoucement

BMW Thailand announces “The Ultimate JOY Experience” program in partnership with Thai Airways and Bridgestone

BMW Thailand has unveiled the exclusive “The Ultimate JOY Experience” program to offer customers stunning lifestyle experiences in Thailand and at captivating destinations around the globe – all curated specifically for BMW owners. Mr. Lars Nielsen, Sales and Marketing Director, BMW Thailand, said, “Our ‘The Ultimate JOY Experience’ program reflects a dedication to offer not just Sheer Driving Pleasure but also unmatched lifestyle activities for BMW owners – including experiences in travel, sports, entertainment, wellness, shopping, or even dining.”
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BMW PHEV Assembly Line


Bangkok. BMW Group Manufacturing Thailand, led by Managing Director and CEO Mr. Jeffrey Gaudiano (4th left), was joined by Mr. Stefan Teuchert (6th left), President, BMW Group Thailand, in welcoming members of the press on a visit to BMW’s plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) assembly line at the BMW Group Manufacturing plant in Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong province. H.E. Dr. Uttama Savanayana (5th left), Minister of Industry, was present as a guest of honor to celebrate the latest milestone in BMW Group Thailand’s commitment to a future of sustainability through eco-friendly automotive innovations.
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Millennium Auto Phuket press release


BMW Group Thailand’s authorized dealer Millennium Auto, today unveiled its latest BMW and MINI authorized dealership in Phuket. This latest announcement reinforcing its potential for sales and services to BMW customers in the Andaman market, by immersing them with BMW’s state-of-the-art innovation and services, which have been specially designed for the ultimate experience of BMW’s and MINI’s customers.
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Motorrad Days 2017 Press release


BMW Motorrad Thailand invites all big-bike lovers to gather and experience one of the most attractive events for the year - ‘BMW Motorrad Days 2017’, which will be held on March 4-5, 2017 from 17:00 - 24:00 hrs., at Asiatique the Riverfront, with free entrance to welcome all big-bike fans.
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BMW i Wallbox Pure charging stations

BMW Group Thailand and Banyan Tree Bangkok expand network of i Wallbox Pure charging stations in support of sustainable future mobility

BMW Group Thailand, in partnership with the Banyan Tree l Bangkok, has reaffirmed its position as a leader in sustainable automotive innovations by expanding BMW i Wallbox Pure charging station network to provide free charging services for all BMW iPerformance plug-in hybrid vehicles owned by customers of BMW Group Thailand’s authorized dealers. Through the car’s onboard computer, which calculates and displays charging time on the screen behind the steering wheel, BMW owners will always know when the car will be fully charged and when to set off on their next journey.
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BMW donation to Chaipattana

BMW Group Thailand presents one million baht donation to Chaipattana Foundation in continuation of “Good Deeds for the King” initiative

Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul, Secretary General of the Chaipattana Foundation, and Khun Bhakamol Rattaseri, Assistant Treasurer of the Chaipattana Foundation accepted a donation of one million baht from BMW Group Thailand – led by Mr. César Badilla, Director Aftersales, Khun Krisda Utamote, Director Corporate Communications and Khun Prapatsara Aramvongsamut, General Manager Marketing. Presented under BMW Group Thailand’s “Good Deeds for the King” initiative, the donation will provide support for His Majesty the late King Bhumibhol Adulyadej’s sustainable development projects in the areas of water management and development – both of which are aligned with BMW Group’s principles in sustainable water resources development for the future of the automotive industry as well as the Care 4 Water initiative, which aims to provide water solutions and filtration systems to communities in need around the world.
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Premium Limousine Services by BMW

BMW Thailand and Conrad Bangkok Unveil Premium Limousine Services by the new BMW 7 Series

BMW Thailand recently celebrated the delivery of 9 BMW 730Ld M Sport limousines to Conrad Bangkok via the Oriental Taxi Services Company Limited to offer hotel guests best-in-class premium limousine services and further reinforce the hotel’s reputation as Thailand’s leading hospitality provider. Conrad Bangkok has trusted and selected the BMW fleet to serve the hotel’s VIP guests for more than 5 years.
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BMW Donation to Baan Gerda

BMW Group Thailand supports Baan Gerda to provide care and treatment for HIV infected & affected orphans

BMW Group Thailand – led by Mr. Stefan Teuchert, President – presented a donation of THB 470,000 to Ms. Kwanjai Sarnswang, Vice President of Children’s Rights Foundation and Representative of Baan Gerda Project, to support the project which aims to provide a home and better quality of life for HIV infected and affected orphans.
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