Comfort & Safety in the BMW 4 Series Coupé.

Convenient assistance systems, extensive safety functions: the BMW 4 Series Coupé protects and assists you wherever possible.


The headrests integrated in the rear backrest underline the sportiness of the Coupé and increase seating comfort as well as safety for rear-seat passengers.


Passengers in the front benefit from the automatic seat-belt extender. It automatically passes the safety belt from the B-pillar to the driver and front passenger as soon as the ignition key has been inserted and the doors closed.



Contactless opening of the tailgate.

You’re back from shopping, standing in front of your car with full hands, and you want to load the bags into the luggage compartment. The last thing you want to do now is search for your car key. And you don’t have to – thanks to the innovative Comfort Access system with contactless opening of the tailgate.

A short, precise foot movement under the rear bumper is all it takes to trigger the sensor and open the tailgate. It unlocks and then swings open thanks to either spring-loaded struts or the automatic tailgate operation (depending on the model). Sensors installed at different heights in the rear bumper detect the foot movement of the person trying to open the luggage compartment.

This innovative BMW ConnectedDrive feature makes opening and loading the luggage compartment more convenient. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key.


Various storage compartments leave nothing to be desired: compartments in the doors, with space for a 1-litre bottle, a storage compartment with lid in the front centre console, an open compartment under the front centre armrest and in the rear centre console, as well as two cup holders in the front and rear, the storage tray and the glove compartment provide room for convenient storage.


A package of intelligent safety measures in the BMW 4 Series Coupé is specifically aimed at minimising the risk of accidents – and providing that good feeling of being ideally protected at all times.


Extremely resistant, large-volume cross-members and the intelligent use of high-strength and ultra high-strength multiphase steels provide maximum stability for the safety bodyshell while maintaining a low weight. The impact energy is diverted to other areas of the bodyshell around the passenger cell, such as the underbody, side frame, bulkhead and roof, and absorbed by deformation zones at the front and rear. In the event of a side collision, protection comes from reinforced structures in the B-pillar and sills, high-strength side-impact stabilisers in the doors as well as robust cross-members in the seat areas.


BMW Service Inclusive is the first step towards unlimited driving pleasure. It is a service package covering all essential service and maintenance work. For a set period or mileage BMW Service Inclusive includes all the services your BMW requires - as often as needed. And this applies worldwide.
These include: Engine oil service including top-up quantities (requirement: regular engine oil service at an authorised BMW service dealership), microfilter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plug service, change of brake fluid, automobile check and other services as per service record.

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